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Wooden Bowl and Turnings Care

Your hand turned bowl or rolling pin has been finished with food-safe FDA approved food grade oils and waxes which allows you to see the unique natural character of the wood. With proper care and use the patina of the wood will make your fine wood creation more beautiful as time passes.

We recommend that you…

Wash your bowl after each use with warm soapy water and a clean cloth to remove food oils. Rinse with clear water then towel dry completely.

Occasionally, your bowl or rolling pin may feel or appear dry. We recommend Howard Products Butcher block conditioner which is a food safe mineral oil and waxes designed for food serving wood items. It is available on our site but also is found in most local hardware stores. Follow the manufacturers instructions.

Oiled bowls and turnings which are exposed to air and sunlight will change color over the years. Lighter colored woods will darken more dramatically. This process is how a beautiful patina is created which is why wood creations with some age have unique character and are more beautiful than a recently created piece.

Wild Vines Woodworking Cutting Board Care-

Taking care of your new cutting board is really easy using some common sense tips.

CLEANUP- Wash your board with a soft dishcloth or natural bristle soft brush and a small amount of mild dish soap, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, drying immediately with a cotton towel.

SANITIZE- Spray a mist of standard 5% vinegar solution or lemon juice on the wood and let it sit 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with hot water, drying completely when through.

STORAGE- Store your cutting board on end or propped up to allow proper air circulation on all sides. This will help prevent damage due to moisture collection under the board.

MAINTENANCE- When your board appears dry or dull apply a light coat of butcher block conditioner, food safe mineral oil or salad bowl oil which is approved by the FDA for food safe products. Let product sit on the board about 20 minutes and then wipe off any excess. Follow manufacturers recommendations for the product you choose to use. We highly recommend HOWARD Butcher Block conditioner. NOTE- a newly created board may require oiling more frequently until it is adequately sealed. Should your cutting board become rough or in need of refreshing, we recommend hand sanding the wood using 220 grit sandpaper to remove cuts or blemishes. Once you are satisfied with the smoothness of the wood, reapply FDA Approved food grade mineral oil and/or Butcher Block Conditioner to reseal your cutting board.



DO NOT allow water to set on the cutting board for extended periods of time.

DO NOT use olive oil or vegetable oil on the wood as it may go rancid.

DO NOT store in moist conditions or leave outdoors.

DO NOT use wire or stiff bristle scrub brushes to clean the wood as they will ruin the surface.

With proper care your new board will last for many years of use.

Maintaining your new wooden Keepsake Box-

Your new keepsake box is made from the highest quality woods available. Just as you might dust your homes wood furniture and oil it occasionally, you should care for your box in much the same way. We recommend cleaning with a soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with water to remove any​ dust, then drying completely with a soft cotton cloth. To finish we recommend using a fine wood conditioner such as Howard Products Feed-N-Wax which adds Beeswax, carnuba wax and orange oil that penetrate the wood and are beneficial to the natural woods.