Waterfall Maple/Purpule Heart Top, Ribbon Maple/Purple Heart Bottom. Silver tone Knobs. 12" X 9" X 3"

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Bubinga Bottom, Bubinga /Zebrawood/Waterfall Maple Top, Hammered Metal Knob, 12" X 9" X 3"
Figured Walnut Bottom, Curly Maple Top, Antique Gold Finished Knob 8 ½ "X 5 ½ "X 2 ½ "
Peruvian Walnut Top,Tiger Striped Red Oak Bottom, Antique Pewter Knob 9"X 6 ½ "X 4"
Black Walnut Keepsake Box 5" X 5" X 2 ¼ "
Lacewood/ Sapele Top, Lacewood Bottom Keepsake Box 3" X 3" X 2 3/4"

The boxes displayed are currently for sale.  While I do my best to update whenever items are sold, items are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Please check back often as we are always adding new pieces. Please note: Sizes listed are approximations and may vary slightly.  Box dimensions listed are for bottom section, lids add approximately 1/2 inch to height. Prices are U.S. Dollars.

 We take pride in our unique heirloom handcrafted wooden keepsake boxes from start to finish. Each box is an individually designed and hand crafted one of a kind creation. Mother Nature has enabled woods to have unique colors and textures which we celebrate.  Each artistic box starts with the hand selection of quality hardwoods and hardware.  Artisan Steve Fanning visually inspects each component of his creations to ensure both form and function.  No two pieces are alike which makes for a truly special experience in ownership. Each of our fine Keepsake Boxes are lined with faux leather bottoms and vary by product. USPS SHIPPING at NO additional cost.

​Heirloom Handcrafted Wooden Keepsake Boxes

Oak Treasure Chest Style Box with star fish knob. Box is not lined.7”x6”x6¼”
Canary Wood /Black Walnut Bottom,Black Walnut Top 4 ½" X 4 ½" X 4 ½"
Peruvian Walnut Top, Tiger Oak Bottom Keepsake Box Silver Finish Knob 4” X 6” X 3”
Keepsake Box,Purple Heart Top. Brid's Eye Maple Bottom. Keepsake Box 6”x4”x2½”
Marquetry Box/Keepsake box with Waterfall Maple And Padauk Top Padauk Bottom 10”x8”x3½ ”
Oak Treasure Chest Style Box with ship knob. Box is not lined.7¾”x7½”x7¾”
Keepsake Box with Lacewood and Maple Top, Lacewood and Cherry Bottom 7”x5”x3½”
Okoume Bottom, Cherry Top Flower style Knob 7"x5"x3½"
"Special Sale Price” Waterfall Maple with Lacewood inlay Top, American Walnut Bottom 9”x7”x2¾ ”,
Cherry Bottom, Peruvian Walnut Top 7"x5"x3½"
Ribboned Maple Top and Purple Heart Bottom Keepsake Box 12”x8”x1¾”
Keepsake Box Cherry Wood 5 1/2 "x4½"x4"
Padauk and Sapele keepsake Box 5"x3½"x2¾"
Keepsake box with Oak Bottom and Sapele Top 10"x7"x4"
Walnut Keepsake Box With Steampunk Knob 5"x3"x3½"
Large Valet Keepsake Box,Walnut Top, Birds Eye Maple Bottom 13"x10”x3½ ”

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