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Chef Cutting Board 21"x19¼"x1¾"

Chef Board Maple & Walnut Bands

Chef Board Sapele & Walnut Bands

Chefs Flip  Board's 

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One-of-a kind Chef Cutting Boards designed and created by Master Wood Artisan Steve Fanning. UPS SHIPPING at NO additional charge.

This heavy duty cutting board is made from Oak and Walnut and with proper care will last a life time. 

  Designed not only to look beautiful but be functional kitchen furniture.  The smooth side offers excellent surface for rolling dough or cutting fruits and vegetables while the reverse side is trenched to catch juices.

  The handles maintain stability while you cut and prepare foods as well as holding back flours from hitting your back splash.  

Approximately  21” x 19¼” x 1¾”

Hand crafted 

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Chef Board Walnut & Maple Bands